Our Real Estate Team

Jereme Baker

Founder & Managing Member

Jereme Baker is the Founder and Managing Member of Baker Law Group, with a specialized focus on Real Estate Law. His extensive experience in the field includes facilitating acquisitions of real estate assets over $30 million and crafting a $60 million commercial real estate development venture in Denver. In his practice, Jereme adeptly handles purchase agreements, leases, and due diligence reviews, utilizing his comprehensive knowledge to guide clients through complex real estate transactions. He is also skilled in negotiating multimillion-dollar joint venture investment funds. Jereme’s commitment to real estate law is reflected in his diligent approach to advising on governance, compliance, and business formation, specifically within the real estate sector. Since founding Baker Law Group in 2011, he has become a prominent figure in the legal community, recognized for his expertise and achievements in real estate law.

Brian Petz

Senior Associate Attorney & Member

Brian Petz is a senior associate at Baker Law Group with a dedicated focus on Real Estate Law. His expertise encompasses a wide range of real estate transactions and issues, providing comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses. Mr. Petz’s extensive experience includes the administration and litigation of complex real estate matters. He is adept at navigating the intricacies of real estate law, ensuring his clients' interests are protected in both the acquisition and management of real estate assets. With a strong track record of success, Mr. Petz is a trusted advisor and advocate in the real estate legal space.

Robert Harper

Senior Associate Attorney

Robert Harper, a seasoned senior associate at Baker Law Group, is distinguished for his expertise in real estate litigation. With a deep understanding of the complexities of real estate disputes, Robert has honed his legal strategies to effectively represent his clients in various contentious property matters. His extensive civil litigation experience is particularly marked by his accomplishments in cases involving landlord-tenant conflicts, construction defect issues under CDARA, and other significant real estate disputes. This acumen stems from his robust trial experience, where he has notably represented clients in over 350 litigated matters across Colorado's Federal, District, and County Courts. Robert’s approach to real estate litigation is both tactical and informative, ensuring his clients have a decisive edge while being well-equipped to make knowledgeable decisions. His balanced expertise in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in real estate cases affords him a unique leverage that benefits his clients strategically. A New Jersey native with a J.D. and master's degree from Vermont Law School, Robert Harper is an accomplished attorney and an active member of the Colorado and Douglas County Bar Associations. Recognized as a Top 40 under 40 Lawyer in Colorado, his commitment to the legal field, especially real estate law, is unwavering.

Joseph O’Keefe

Senior Associate Attorney

Joseph ("Joe") O'Keefe, hailing from Philadelphia, is a prominent figure in the legal realm, concentrating on complex commercial real estate transactions. His extensive experience in this area is drawn from over twenty-five years of practice in Pennsylvania, now brought to his nationwide clientele from his base in Colorado. His legal education is substantial, with a JD from Villanova's School of Law and an LL.M. in Trial Advocacy from Temple University's Beasley School of Law, underscoring his proficiency in real estate litigation. Joe's expertise is reflected in his role as a continuing legal education provider, enriching legal peers with knowledge that often intersects with his real estate acumen. He holds admissions to several prestigious jurisdictions, ensuring his legal strategies in real estate are informed by a broad and deep understanding of the law. Now a resident of Colorado Springs with his wife, Joe's personal love for the Colorado landscape parallels his professional commitment to navigating the complex terrain of commercial real estate law.

Andrew Lang

Associate Attorney

Andrew is an associate attorney at Baker Law Group with a strong foundation in real estate law. He excels in research, analysis, and litigation, always aiming to build lasting relationships with clients and deliver favorable outcomes. His background includes a B.A. in history from Tufts University and a J.D. from NYU School of Law. After clerking in New Jersey, Andrew moved to Colorado Springs to practice law, where he also enjoys reading, exercising, and time with his family and pets.

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