Colorado Landlord Lawyers

We offer guidance and legal representation to landlords and property managers dealing with both transactional and litigation issues related to commercial and residential properties. If you need to verify that your lease is up to date with recent legislative changes and legally binding, or if you require help with the eviction of a non-paying or lease-violating tenant, we are equipped to handle your needs.

Baker Law Group is here to help you undertake the right legal procedures to protect your rights and property.

Our seasoned lawyers specializing in Colorado landlord-tenant law have successfully navigated a multitude of cases, equipping us to resolve our clients’ landlord-tenant disputes effectively.

Taking action on your own without legal guidance can often lead to extra costs and delays for landlords. Colorado’s recent landlord-tenant legislation is quite tenant-friendly, and as a landlord, it’s crucial to adapt your leases and tenant interactions to these changes to avoid compromising your interests and the legal protections you aim to enforce.

As your legal counsel, we ensure your measures align with Colorado’s laws.

The following is a list of some of the legal services we provide to our landlord clientele:

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Colorado Landlord Lawyers

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